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30-11-2006  -  Win a signed copy of the new Legion Of The Damned album!!!

On January 5th 2007 Legion Of The Damned are releasing their new full-length album titled Sons of the Jackal. The album will include ten new songs and a DVD containing over two hours of footage (various summer festivals in 2006, a studio report, signing sessions, backstage footage…), two videos and three galleries (No Mercy 2006, backstage and summer festivals 2006). The No Mercy gallery will exclusively include tour documentary by Metalpics.ch.

Metalpics.ch is raffling one(!) exclusive Legion Of The Damned package including

  • the new album inkl. bonus DVD signed by the whole band
  • a signed Sons of the jackal poster
  • signed photocards
  • a girly or a t-shirt
  • a limited Documentary DVD about Occult also signed by the band

Metalpics.ch is offering this exclusive package to the subscribers of the Metalpics.ch newsletter!!! On December 16th we'll be sending out a newsletter with one simple question about the band. Subscribe the newsletter at Metalpics.ch now, give us the answer and with a little luck win the package on New Year's Eve!

Good luck everybody and thanks to Maurice and Legion Of The Damned for the donation!

23-11-2006  -  Masters Of Death Tour 2006 - 6 gigs, over 900 pictures!!!

The pictures of the Masters Of Death Tour 2006 are online now featuring Dismember, Entombed, Grave, Unleashed and Exterminator at the following gigs:

Transilvania, Erstfeld (Switzerland) on November 10th 2006
Transilvania, Milan (Italy) on November 11th 2006
La Gabbia, Padua (Italy) on November 12th 2006
Kulturhaus, Althofen (Austria) on November 13th 2006
Planet Music, Vienna (Austria) on November 14th 2006
Metropolis, Munich (Germany) on November 15th 2006.
A click on the band or the venue will get you directly to the according pictures.

Many thanks and Jaegermeister to Dismember, Entombed, Unleashed, Grave, Exterminator and Kraft Evention for making this great experience possible and for the absolutely greatest time!
You guys rule!!! \m/

07-11-2006  -  Masters Of Death Tour 2006

Metalpics.ch is joining the Masters Of Death Tour - featuring Dismember, Unleashed, Entombed and Grave - for a few days including the following dates:
Nov 10th at Transilvania, Erstfeld (CH)
Nov 11th at Transilvania Live, Milan (IT)
Nov 12th at La Gabbia, Padua (IT)
Nov 13th at Kulturhaus, Althofen (AT)
Nov 14th at Planet Music, Vienna (AT)
Nov 15th at Metropolis, Munich (D)

The tour kicked off on November 3rd and is going on till November 19th. For details check out Dismember's official site.
The pics of the tour will be published here shortly after.
Hope to see you at some of the gigs!

17-09-2006  -  Did you know..?

...that by clicking on the date in the "last update" box you get to the changelog where you can find all the updates and direct links to the bands.
...that there's an option "Venues" in the gallery. By choosing one you can find all the bands I photographed there so far. You can also choose a festival to see the bands of the event.
...that above the visitors counter on the entry site you can find a counter showing the number of the bands and pictures presented on Metalpics.ch.

11-09-2006  -  Happy birthday Metalpics.ch!

Additionally to the new mailinglist we added a counter for the bands and the pictures. You can find the box with the statistics just above the visitors counter on this page.

Thank you for visiting Metalpics.ch and for your support during the last four years!!!
See you at some gigs soon!