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17-02-2009  -  Nightwish in Switzerland!

The most successful finnish metal band is coming to Switzerland!
Presented by Free & Virgin Nightwish will play an exclusive Swiss show at the St. Jakobshalle in Basel on March 28th 2009.
For more information visit FreeAndVirgin.com.

Check out Metalpics.eu on March 29th for pictures and impressions of the gig!

14-01-2009  -  Metalpics in 2009

Please notice that Metalpics is now available through Metalpics.eu and no longer through Metalpics.ch.
Further, some personal changes during 2009 will affect the amount of updates on Metalpics. Nevertheless, the changes will last only till end of 2009.
Thank you for your understanding!

11-09-2008  -  Metalpics 6th anniversary!

Today, Metalpics is celebrating its 6th anniversary. We'd like to thank you for your visits and your endless support over the last six years!

As you might have noticed, it has been a bit quiet the last few weeks. There's a lot of things going on in the background tho. This weekend, we're coming back with loads of new pictures taken this summer, so stay tuned!

NEW: now you can reach Metalpics also through Canonize.me!

30-04-2008  -  Preview to the festival season!

Some amazing line-ups got arranged for this summer's festival season. In order to catch as many artists and locations as possible we had to make our choice, which wasn't an easy thing to do.

As every year, for the 5th respectively 7th time in row, Metalpics will be joining Tuska and Summer Breeze. Back on our schedule is Party.San with its unique line-up and this year, for the second time as well, Rocksound Festival. Again, there are some "new" events on too: This year, we'll be joining Hole in the Sky in the famous city of Bergen, Norway, and proudly, as official partner, the Zagreb Metal Fest in our home city Zagreb, Croatia.

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  • Zagreb Metal Fest: Not just a great opener of the festival season, but also an official partner with Metalpics! First of its kind in Croatia, the Zagreb Metal Fest is taking place on May 30th 2008 at the Boogaloo Club in Croatia's capital Zagreb, presenting a high-class line-up including national and international acts such as Amorphis, Unleashed and Finntroll including special sets and longer set-lists. For more information check out the ZGMF website or the recent news on Metalpics.

  • Rock Sound Festival: Only 30min from the Metalpics office, in Huttwil, Switzerland, 23 national and international bands such as Europe, Queensryche, Within Temptation and Porcupine Tree will rock the stage from June 5th till 7th 2008. Metalpics is joining the festival on Thursday 5th of June for Avantasia and Opeth! Check out the pictures from last year here.

  • Tuska Festival: For the 5th time in row Metalpics is joining the festival in the heart of Helsinki featuring Koff, sunny days (and nights) and Metal! Over 30 artists from Friday till Sunday, and this year a special event opening on Thursday evening already: Nightwish, Amorphis and Epica. For the night owls there's an exclusive program at the infamous evening clubs around the center of Helsinki. Join the party with Carcass, Morbid Angel, Dimmu Borgir and many more from June 26th till 30th 2008. Check out pictures from the last four years here.

  • Party.San: This year the 3-days festival known for its good atmosphere is offering an international line up including exclusive appearances such as Bloodbath and Bolt Thrower as well as Legion of the Damned who will present a special show. The line-up also includes big names such as Dismember, Obituary and Behemoth. Join the cozy open air from August 7th till 9th 2008. Pictures from 2006 can be seen here.

  • Summer Breeze: For the 7th time we'll be joining Summer Breeze, taking place for the third time in Dinkelsbuehl, a small city in the South of Germany. Just like in previous years Summer Breeze will serve with two stages and alternating performances with no overlapping. Check out Cradle of Filth, Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Exodus and many more from August 14th till 16th 2008. Pictures from 2002-05 can be seen here and those from 2006 and 2007 at this location.

  • Hole in the Sky: This year we'll be closing the festival season with the Hole in the Sky, a festival in the famous city of Bergen, Norway. The organizers prepared an amazing line-up including Carcass, At the Gates, Exodus, Behemoth, Dismember and many more. The festival will take place during the four days from August 27th till 30th 2008 at the Garage and USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway.

See you there!!!

19-03-2008  -  Partnership with Zagreb Metal Fest!

Metalpics is proud to announce the official partnership with the first Zagreb Metal Fest!

First of its kind in Croatia, the medium size indoor fest is taking place on May 30th 2008 at the Boogaloo Club in Zagreb (Croatia), presenting a high-class line-up including national and international acts:
Sodom and Amorphis already announced a special set, Amorphis of at least 1.5 hours playing time!

Fan-friendly, the ticket price in presale is only 220 Croatian Kuna (30 euro). At the festival there will also be a metal market and meet & greet opportunities.
Tickets can be ordered through the official website of Zagreb Metal Fest where you can also find all other relevant information about the festival.

Expect a lot of fun, great music and of course tons of pics!
Looking forward to seeing you in my home town Zagreb, Croatia!