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This is an overview of all the changes that were made...

27-02-2005  -  Lacrimas Profundere, The 69 Eyes

New pics of the Lacrimas Profundere and The 69 Eyes gig at the Dynamo, Zurich (Switzerland) on February 19th 2005.

23-02-2005  -  Decapitated

Decapitated pics of the gig at the Kulturmarkt, Zurich (Switzerland) on February 25th 2005 online.

21-02-2005  -  Crionics, Hate, Dies Irae

Pics of Crionics, Hate and Dies Irae at Kulturmarkt, Zurich (Switzerland) on February 18th 2005.

17-02-2005  -  Ektomorf

New pics from the archive feat. 2 gigs from Ektomorf: Bad Bonn, Dudingen (Switzerland) on March 29th 2004 and Kaserne, Basel (Switzerland) on March 30th 2004.

16-02-2005  -  Entwine

New pics of Entwine at the Live Arena, Munster-Breitefeld (Germany) on November 21st 2004.

14-02-2005  -  Third Moon, Disparaged, Grave

Third Moon, Disparaged and Grave at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on January 26th 2005 now online.

09-02-2005  -  Sirenia, Pain, Theatre Of Tragedy, Tiamat

New pics of Sirenia, Pain, Theatre Of Tragedy and Tiamat at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on January 3rd 2005.

07-02-2005  -  X-Mass Fest 2004

The pics of the X-Mass Fest 2004 on December 14th 2004 at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) featuring Belphegor, The Black Dahlia Murder, Vader, Finntroll, Napalm Death and Marduk.

03-02-2005  -  Soul Demise, Anata, Psycroptic, Dismember

Soul Demise, Anata, Psycroptic and Dismember at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on November 12th 2004.

01-02-2005  -  Pic Of The Month - February

New pic of the month featuring Ola Lindgren (Grave) at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on January 26th 2005.

16-01-2005  -  Maintenance update

Added random header images. Also completely rewritten frontend of the website for better compliance to w3c recommendations.

01-01-2005  -  Pic Of The Month - January

New pic of the month featuring Orion (Behemoth) at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on November 10th 2004.