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By: Gregor
Date: 2004-03-19
Time: 23:44

Totalno si sve promijenila, ppppuunnoooo,PUNO bolji ti je sajt, preglednija je lista bendova,brže se otvara, stvarno je O.K. - jednostavnije bez komplikacija!
Nastavi svojim radom i umječem razveseljavati sebe i sve metal poklonike svijeta, to bi bilo to za sad, hajd čaos.

By: Laurent
Date: 2004-03-19
Time: 14:01

Congratulations !
Hi Shelley,

Very nice site with great pics of lot of bands. You're a professional photographer !
The new design is very good, beautiful work, really.
Long live to this cool web page, for metal fans by a metal fan !

I inform you that I have create a web page of my favourite singer Doro Pesch with some pics taken by myself and by fans.

Here is the URL :


Enjoy !

By: Jerome T
Date: 2004-03-19
Time: 10:24

Very nice pictures ! Sorry, I didn't recognize you at Morbid Angel, in Geneva. I'm waiting to see their pictures on your site !
Hope to see you again, keep on tacking pictures !

Greetings from Your Own Decay, J.T

By: Infernal\
Date: 2004-03-17
Time: 21:44

Great work!
Finally. Awesome site for a great photographer. ;)
...and a nice girl.

Keep on rocking and so on... See ya!

By: biXen
Date: 2004-03-16
Time: 14:54

New site
Looks nice and great pictures of course, sweet page for a sweet girl :)

By: Steiner
Date: 2004-03-16
Time: 14:50

Tolle Seite tolle Bilder! Was soll man da mehr dazu sagen!?!