.: Metalpics.ch changelog :.

This is an overview of all the changes that were made...

21-09-2005  -  Juliette & The Licks

Juliette & The Licks live at the D! Club, Lausanne (Switzerland) on September 6th 2005.

14-09-2005  -  Up From The Ground 2005, part two

Second half of the Up From The Ground Festival featuring Fleshcrawl, Mnemic, Rotting Christ, Misery Index, Unleashed and Hypocrisy on August 27th 2005.

12-09-2005  -  Up From The Ground 2005, part one

Up From The Ground Festival featuring End Of Green, The Duskfall, Primordial, Belphegor, Ektomorf, Ensiferum and Napalm Death on August 26th, and Hatesphere and Heaven Shall Burn on August 27th 2005.

04-09-2005  -  Dew Scented, Zuul FX

Dew Scented and Zuul FX on September 3rd 2005 at the Sedel, Luzern (Switzerland).

01-09-2005  -  Pic Of The Month - September

New pic of the month featuring Obeast (Mnemic) at the Up From The Ground Festival, Germany on August 27th 2005.

31-08-2005  -  Summer Breeze 2005, last part

Summer Breeze 2005 completed with Opeth and Wintersun on August 19th, as well as Enthroned, Orphaned Land, Disbelief, Caliban, Subway To Sally, End Of Green, Lacuna Coil and Pain on August 20th.

26-08-2005  -  Summer Breeze 2005, part two

Born From Pain, Anorexia Nervosa, The Bones, Impious, God Dethroned, Ektomorf and Amon Amarth on August 18th as well as Krisiun and Norther on August 19th 2005 at the Summer Breeze, Germany.

23-08-2005  -  Summer Breeze 2005, part one

Pics from the Summer Breeze 2005, part one including Macabre on August 18th 2005 and Behemoth (live and backstage) on August 19th 2005.

16-08-2005  -  Tuska 2005, day three

Children Of Bodom, Stam1na, Viikate, Accept and Sentenced at the Tuska Festival, Helsinki (Finland) on July 17th 2005.

09-08-2005  -  Tuska 2005, day two

Naglfar, Mnemic, Ajattara, Gamma Ray, Rotten Sound, Testament, Amoral and Dimmu Borgir at the Tuska Festival, Helsinki (Finland) on July 16th 2005.

05-08-2005  -  Tuska 2005, day one

Finntroll, Destruction, Apocalyptica, Scarve and Monster Magnet at the Tuska Festival 2005 in Helsinki (Finland) on July 15th 2005.

01-08-2005  -  Pic Of The Month - August

New pic of the month featuring Wilska (Finntroll) at the Tuska Festival, Finland on July 15th 2005.