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By: Liesbeth
Date: 2004-09-02
Time: 19:00

Hey Shelley!!!!
Ow what did we have a great time at the magical SummerBreeze!! Hope you did find your friend so you had a safe trip home from SB.

Beautiful site; nice pics from Beseech (tuska) by te way!!

Greetings from Liesbeth (and of corpse Nataschja&Jamy) from Holland and hopefully we will meet soon at another festival.
Bye, bye true Death Metalgirl!!

By: salm
Date: 2004-08-31
Time: 07:06

you took fantastic fotos!!! grz from vienna/austria/europe http://www.salmonellosis.tk

By: Mira
Date: 2004-08-17
Time: 07:35

Prva posjeta
Veoma lijepe stranice!
Pusa od mame

By: JR
Date: 2004-07-27
Time: 13:43

Wow! Cool site you have. Lotīs of nice pics! I enjoyed myself :D

By: Jesse
Date: 2004-07-25
Time: 17:40

Nice site.
Good site, great pics. Easy to get in the mood to play some fests.


By: Laura aka Zaida
Date: 2004-07-06
Time: 13:58

Hello again.
(I am from To/Die/For's messageboard.)

Rok. \,,/