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This is an overview of all the changes that were made...

25-06-2007  -  Rocksound Festival, Saturday

Alice Cooper, Gotthard, Thunder, Samael, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Volbeat, QL, Redeem and Hellmute at the Rocksound Festival, Huttwil (Switzerland) on June 23rd 2007.

23-06-2007  -  Rocksound Festival, Friday

Lordi, Hammerfall, In Extremo, Nazareth, Dog Eat Dog, Favez and Eluveitie at the Rocksound Festival, Huttwil (Switzerland) on June 22nd 2007.

21-06-2007  -  Spirit Of Rock

Heaven And Hell, Motorhead, Saxon and UDO at the Eulachhallen, Winterthur (Switzerland) on June 2nd 2007.

20-06-2007  -  Celtic Frost

Celtic Frost at the Bad Bonn Kilbi, Duedingen (Switzerland) on June 8th 2007.

13-06-2007  -  Immolation, Krisiun, Leng Tch'e, Dawn Of Azazel

Immolation, Krisiun, Leng Tch'e and Dawn Of Azazel at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on June 7th 2007.

12-06-2007  -  Anathema, Moondawn

Anathema and Moondawn at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on May 25th 2007.

05-06-2007  -  Pic of the Month - June

The new pic of the month featuring Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach) at the Eulachhalle, Winterthur (Switzerland) on June 1st 2007.

31-05-2007  -  Order Of Isaz, Ordogs

Order Of Isaz and Ordogs at the Blecktornskällaren, Stockholm (Sweden) on May 25th 2007.

29-05-2007  -  Venom, Nifelheim

Venom and Nifelheim at the Klubben, Stockholm (Sweden) on May 24th 2007.

27-05-2007  -  Cursed Earth 2007

The Haunted, Municipal Waste and Lyzanxia at the Remise, Wil (Switzerland) on May 18th 2007.

17-05-2007  -  Demons Night

Heavy Demons and Necrophobic at the Metro, Lugano (Switzerland) on May 12th 2007.

17-05-2007  -  Vital Remains, Tombthroat, Godphobia, Memorial

Vital Remains, Tombthroat, Godphobia and Memorial at the Dynamo Werk 21, Zurich (Switzerland) on May 9th 2007.