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16-01-2005  -  Maintenance update

The frontend of the website was completely rewritten for a better compliance to w3c standards. Beside that we added random header images. Every time you reload the site, the images in the header will be changed at random. By clicking on an image you get to the gallery with the pictures of the according gig.
Everything should work fine. Anyway, if you experience any kind of problems feel free to contact us.

31-10-2004  -  Dismember Mini-tour

Metalpics.ch was invited to do the Mini-tour with Dismember, Callenish Circle, Occult, Hearse and Judgement Day. The tour took place September 16th till 19th 2004 through the Netherlands and Belgium. The exact dates were:
September 16th at P60, Amstelveen (Netherlands)
September 17th at Vera, Groningen (Netherlands)
September 18th at Biebob, Vosselaar (Belgium)
September 19th at 013, Tilburg (Netherlands)
The pictures are online now. You can check them out either by choosing the venue or the band in the "gallery".
Karmageddon Media is going to release a DVD with the performances of Callenish Circle, Occult, Hearse and Judgement Day for which they will be using some of the pictures.

22-10-2004  -  Server change

Metalpics.ch moved to a new server! We have more space for new pics and the site is much faster now. Basically everything should work fine. Still, if you experience any kind of problems please let us know.

11-09-2004  -  2 years Metalpics.ch!

Metalpics.ch is celebrating it's 2nd anniversary today! I would like to thank everyone who were supporting me and helping me to live this dream!

13-08-2004  -  Photoshooting with Apocalyptica

Metalpics had an exclusive photoshooting with Apocalyptica on August 13th 2004 at the X-Tra in Zurich, Switzerland. In conjuction with Kay Holz and The X-tra team, thanks guys! Courtesy of RockStar Magazine. Pics coming soon!